As we say in our Guiding Vision Statement, “God’s call to serve is not new. Our legacy of Christian service strengthens our commitment to minister to the needs of the world both inside and outside the walls of the church.” We seek to make a difference, responding to God’s love for us by loving and serving others. After all, Jesus taught us to “love others as he has loved us.”

Our charitable giving usually ranks us first within the thirty-plus UCC congregations of our Conference as well as ranks us in the top 5% of the more than 5000 churches of our denomination. We support many of our UCC all-church offerings, including One Great Hour of Sharing in support of our global ministries. Much of the blessings (savings) we receive from our shared facility we are able to pass on to others. We feel this is good stewardship.

Of course, in addition to what we do directly as a church, our membership is actively involved throughout the community in countless ways volunteering and serving organizations which make Great Falls a better place in which to live. For where our members are, there is the church. We praise God for this!