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Dear Friends,

Summer is usually a time we set aside for rest, and I hope that will be your experience. Jesus is our model for the need to rest. After spending days teaching crowds of people, and chatty disciples peppering him with questions Jesus settled into the back of a boat away from them all for a much needed rest. He was sleeping so hard a storm didn’t wake him up.

As Pastor Lynne journeys through her time of rest and reflection this summer I pray we may each find our way to the activities or people who restore our souls. I find myself changing habits such as not watching the news nearly as much, or muting a chattering talking TV head. I skim headlines as that is all I can bear right now. I read books spanning the breadth of novels (some mindless and fun)

to non-fiction. I enjoy the quiet in the car without the radio playing. I intentionally walk a bit slower to ease the sense of rush surrounding me, small acts that add up calming my mind and spirit.

Moreover, generosity brings a sense of healing and restoration to both the giver and receiver.  Some of you have found restoration, (and I heard had fun) filling a Clean Up Bucket for Montanans effected by the floods in the Yellowstone area. Thank you!  Acts of kindness are never small, holding a door for an elderly person or a parent with a fussy child may be the only kind act they received that day. I am grateful for the acts of help and words of kindness from all you as I fill in for Pastor Lynne, they encourage me more than I can express. As we journey together this summer season may we find the “peace that surpasses all understanding” Philippians 4:7.

Be Safe – Be Well – Be Joyful

Sara MacGilvra Branom, Sabbatical Supply Pastor

A Note From Rev. Lynne

Greetings!  Greg and I are doing well and are enjoying our travels.  During times when we have access to the internet, I’ve been posting some things on Facebook.  I realize that some folks who expressed an interest in receiving updates are not on Facebook so I’ve created a blog!  If you’d like to come along for the ride, feel free to check out my blog site:


Keep in mind, this is my first attempt at creating a blog site so, it might be a bit rough around the edges.  Also, it’s a free website so there will be some ads and others things that I can’t control.  Have a look, if you’d like, and enjoy the ride.  We are!

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