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Worship experiences will be provided through Zoom, Facebook, and YouTube.

Instructions for connecting:

Zoom can be utilized with a computer that is equipped with a camera and a microphone or by telephone.

Connecting to Zoom with a computer: Click

OR you may

Go to and follow the instructions to download the free app.

To log into a meeting, open the app and enter the meeting number and click join.

Helpful videos:

To connect to Zoom with your phone, dial in on the telephone number that is provided for the meeting you want to join and follow the prompts.
You’ll need both the call in phone number and the meeting number.

Rev. Lynne will be hosting a Zoom Log-in “Party” this coming Saturday, March 21 from 11 – noon. Use this as a time to practice logging in and becoming comfortable with Zoom.

The meeting number for this party is: 680 459 1294.

The phone number to connect via phone is: 301 715 8592.

If you are not on Facebook you can join by going to and go through the prompts to sign up. There are several settings that are
helpful to know about for privacy and notifications. You may want to watch this to help go through all this:


We have a YouTube channel!

Visit our Youtube Channel to view our videos!


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