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The Joint Facilities Committee invites you into the adventure of Adopt-a-Project 2022.  This is your opportunity to roll up your sleeves and do your part in keeping our facility clean, safe, and attractive.  Here’s how it works:

  • Beginning October 1st, Adopt-a-Project will be set up in the Narthex.  You won’t be able to miss it.  It’s a HUGE photo of the church building and will have a variety of Project Cards attached to it.
  • Find the project that you’d like to do.
  • Take the project card, write your name on the stub, tear off the stub and leave it in the nearby basket.
  • Take the main part of the project card with you as a reminder.
  • Then… Get to work and complete your project by November 30th.
  • All projects not completed through Adopt-a-project will need to be completed by the Joint Facilities Committee.
  • Once completed, return your project card to the church office.

additional projects may be added. Please check Adopt-a-Project sign board for updates

  • Windows:
  • Fellowship Hall Windows (inside & out)
  • Office Windows (inside & out)
  • Interior Office Windows
  • Sunday School Room #1, 3, 5 & 7 Windows (inside & out)
  • Sunday School Room #2, 4 & 6 Windows (inside & out)
  • Clean blinds in main office
  • Parlor, nursery, west entrance & choir room windows (inside & out)
  • Clean interior and exterior plexiglass on Electronic Message Center (will need ladder, cleaner that will handle hard water and ability to remove hardware, take down plexiglass, clean and reinstall)
  • Exterior Projects:
  • Clean debris out of columbarium and front court area
  • Clean leaves and debris out of west entrance area
  • Kill weeds in cracks in sidewalk, around building perimeter and parking lot
  • Interior Projects:
  • Wash tables and chairs in Fellowship Hall – UCC Fellowship Board will do this
  • Go through extra chairs, set aside the broken ones, wash the others
  • Dust out chairs in sanctuary, make sure each chair has a pen or pencil
  • Clean main level kitchen
  • Vacuum furniture in the parlor
  • Clean vent ducts in downstairs restrooms
  • Clean inside heat registers in downstairs restrooms

Other pointers:

You can choose more than one project. (The more the merrier!)

You can do your project(s) with your friends.  (Again, the more the merrier!)

Know that your work is greatly appreciated! 

Living into our Mission: Visitation

One of the things that our church members and friends often lift up is the importance of being connected to a faith community. Life-long friends are often made through church as we work together and serve God in education, outreach, fellowship and mission.  One of the most significant ministries we can offer to our fellow church members and companions in Christ is that of visitation, especially with those who are no longer able to engage in the ministries of the church in ways they have in the past.

Our Church Growth and Vitality Board is bringing our Visitation Team back to life and are seeking volunteers who can help keep the church connected with our membership. We’re looking for people who can visit in person or by phone as well as send cards and other meaningful ways to stay connected. No experience is necessary and basic training will be provided Sunday, October 9th following worship.

If you would like to receive visits or know someone who would, please share this information with us. Revitalizing this ministry is an important way to keep all of our members connected and remind them of the love of their church.

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