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9.8 News and Opportunities

Worship for September 12 and 19, 2021 will be held in the sanctuary at 9:30 A.M.and live-streamed to Facebook. 

A recording of the Facebook service will be available on YouTube and on our website later in the day.  An abbreviated, pre-recorded service will air on NBC at 9:30 A.M.

Children will begin in worship for the next two Sundays and will be dismissed for Sunday school activities after the Children’s Message

Scripture for September 12th: Psalm 19

Lay Reader for In Person Worship: Kelly Quick

Lay Reader for Televised Service: Linda Fagenstrom

September 19th Lay Reader:  Hank Branom

Help us create and maintain a healthy sacred space:

  • Face masks work best when consistently worn over nose and mouth
  • Our distancing is physical so that we can be social
  • Vaccinations protect you as well as others.  If you are not vaccinated, check with your health care provider to find out if you are eligible and can safely receive the vaccine 
  • Our ventilation system brings in fresh, outside air.  As the weather gets chilly, dress appropriately.  Since the coat room is a confined space, it will continue to be closed until further notice

A special note as we move to separate services:  In order to create space for our companions at Christ UMC to prepare for their worship service at 11:00 A.M., please leave the sanctuary and narthex as soon as possible after the service. Please continue your socializing in either Fellowship Hall or outside.  Thank you for your understanding and help!

Christian Education News- Sunday School Returns!

Recently, parents of Sunday school children were polled about a return to in-person Sunday school.  Most who responded were in favor of re-gathering. So we’re back in the classrooms beginning this Sunday, September 12!  Several protocols are in place to make a safer environment. Increased airflow from open windows and fans will improve ventilation. Hand sanitizing stations will be available in the hallway and in each classroom.  Supplies like pencils, scissors, etc., will be sanitized after use.  Masks will be required for children and adults.  Two classes are planned: K-4th grade and 5th -8th grade.  This week, kids  begin in worship with their families before heading to Sunday school where they will play games and get re-acquainted after 1 ½ years away. Lessons will start on September 19th. Questions?  Want to be a teacher or helper? Contact Christian Education Coordinator Janet Koostra. 

Nursery Care Resumes

Several families have expressed a desire to once again have nursery care available during worship and Sunday school.  As a result, nursery care will resume this Sunday, September 12!  Several new safety protocols are in place to help keep the nursery cleaner.  Airflow/ventilation will be improved with fans and open windows.  Toys will be sanitized after use and some harder-to-clean toys will go into storage for the time being.  Masks will be required for adults and children aged two and up while in the nursery.  Parents are required to sign children in for potential contact tracing.  We also hope to continue our standard practice of having a volunteer helper each week. Our care giver from before the start of the pandemic, Whitney Mulready, is coming back to help us, too!  Please contact Christian Education Coordinator Janet Koostra with questions or to volunteer.

Fishing for Volunteers

Hey everyone!  Just letting you know that our turn to work at the FISH Food Pantry is September 20-24 from 9:00-11:00 A.M.  If you feel comfortable volunteering and distributingfood to families in need, please call Carol Davidson.  Thank you so much if you can help!

Prayer Meeting- Tuesday, September 14th, 6:00 P.M.

Meet at the church for “checking in” and then we’ll walk to Lions Park to walk the Labyrinth. Everyone is welcome!

“Just What is a Labyrinth?”  It looks like a maze but it’s not. Mazes call for decisions to be made along the way. A labyrinth calls for only one decision: to walk it. You can get physically lost in a maze. You may get “lost” in God while you are walking a labyrinth but you will always find your way.   A labyrinth is an ancient tool of prayer or meditation. Labyrinths have been found in the remains of civilizations all over the world. They are not tied specifically to any religious practice and are practiced by many.  The labyrinth we will be walking during our prayer meeting on September 14th is located just northwest of the flags at Lions Park and was created by a local Scout as part of an Eagle Scout project.

Are you interested in being part of our Prayer Chain Ministry? Just let Rev. Lynne know (pastor@greatfallsucc.org) and she’ll get you signed up!

Renewed, Together!

Who is ready for RALLY SUNDAY?!? While it has been a long two years of challenges and adjustments, it is time for our faith community to come together in a spirit of renewal and rejoicing!

WHEN: Sunday, September 19th, 2021 directly after Worship *** note: this is a change of date***

WHERE: Fellowship Hall and Front Lawn

WHO: ALL of our AMAZING Church Family!

WHY: It’s past time for our Faith Community to be renewed, together!

WHAT: Sack lunches prepared by Fellowship and Church Growth and Vitality Boards


We can’t wait to see everyone there for this joyful time of reconnection and fun!

Lunches will include vegetarian and gluten-free options

For the safety and well-being of all, COVID-19 protocols will be followed. Please wear your face masks and maintain a respectful distance so all may participate and enjoy this time safely.


A “Re-gathering Theme in the Time of COVID” September 19 – November 7, 2021

From what are you being renewed these days? For what might God be renewing you? What might God be using to renew you in body, mind, and spirit?

Using these themes for worship and small group discussions, our church will come to more fully understand how it is that God is working to renew us individually and collectively for this time and the time to come.

You (yes you!) can be part of this important movement of renewal and transformation! Here’s how:

  • Participate in worship (in person, on Facebook, television broadcast, or YouTube)
  • Sign up to be part of a weekly small group discussion. Contact the church office (greatfallsucc@bresnan.net) or Rev. Lynne (pastor@greatfallsucc.org or 406-770-9157). Small groups will be gathering either in person or through Zoom).
  • Meditate, prayer, reflect on each of the weekly themes and messages.

Upcoming “Renewed!” Themes:

September 19 – “Renewed from the ‘Heebie-Jeebies (aka Fear)’”

Fear is a strong force that stifles growth and renewal. From what fears are we being released as we move into the future God intends for us? For what purpose is God calling you forth from fear?

September 26 – “Renewed from Separation”

We have spent the last 18 months experiencing various forms of separation. Even though some separation continues in many forms, God continues to call us away from separation into connectedness. From what forms of unnecessary separation might God be wanting to renew you and us?

October 3 (World Communion Sunday) – “Renewed in Community”

World Communion Sunday celebrates the world-wide Christian community, our union through Christ with people around the world. How is God working through community to give you renewal? Where do we experience deep community as we live into our faith?

October 10 – “Renewed by Hope”

Emily Dickinson writes of hope: “Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul and sings the tune without the words and never stops at all.” What might God be wanting to renew in you with the feathers of hope?

October 17 – “Renewed for Creativity”

The writer of Ephesians writes about the gifts for ministry that are given to each of us. How do we discover just what those gifts are and what is holding us back from using them to the fullest? What’s the one thing you’ve always wanted to do through faith and what is keeping you from doing it?

October 24 – “Renewed for Wonder”

Have you ever watched a young child explore something for the first time? Have you ever seen something so beautiful it takes your breath away? Have you ever found yourself in a situation that is so unbelievably wonderful that you stop in your tracks just to take it in? These are all indications of the gift of wonder and it is where worship begins. How might God be calling us into renewed wonder as a church? As individuals? As a denomination?

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