The United Church of Christ (formerly Congregational) comes out of the reformed or free church tradition, beginning with the first Pilgrims coming to this country for religious freedom.  Therefore, within the structure of the denomination, each local congregation is autonomous, self-governed by it’s own set of by-laws.   The local church is owned by its members, each of whom has one vote in governing the life of the congregation.  There is no mother church telling us what to do nor father theologian telling us what to believe.  The right of individual interpretation is accorded to each member.

Though major decisions are made at duly called Congregational Meetings, the regular business of the church is handled by an elected Church Council, with the ministries and missions of the church carried out by elected Boards and Committees.  In addition, given our shared facility, a Joint Facilities Committee sees to the maintenance of the physical plant.  The life of the church is dependent upon an active lay leadership.

Our 2017 – 2018 Church Council is made up of the following elected leaders:

Church Moderator – Hank Branom
Vice Moderator – Dick Kloppel
Clerk – Elaine Balzer
Treasurer – June Rovero
Youth Representative – Andrew Davidson and Anna Johnson
Members at large – Greg Smith and Jaybe Floyd
Business Affairs Board – Kevin Johnson
Christian Education Board – Tom Spencer
Christian Service Board – Mary Fry
Church Growth Board – Karen Spencer
Fellowship Board – Lila Byers and KimKay McCarty Martin
Worship Board – Tom & Jan Robitaille
Joint Facilities – Jay Thomas
Personnel Committee – Dick Kloppel
Visitation Committee – Vilma Ackerman
Wedding/Memorial Committee – Lynne Weeks
Family Promise Coordinator – Peter Johnson
Acolyte Coordinator – Worship Board
Altar Flowers – Jan Robitaille

We have a separate entity, Memorial Fund Corporation which manages memorial donations and distributions in accordance to the corporation’s by-laws. Tom Robitaille is the current chairman.