Of course, we are a church, so as our “Guiding Vision Statement” reads, we
are about worship, study, community, and service.  Sunday morning worship is central, along withWednesday and Sunday morning Bible studies.  Many fellowship opportunities exist, some meeting on an ongoing basis like women’s coffee, men’s lunch, and dinner groups, others are seasonal and stand alone activities.  We like to meet, eat and have fun.  Service is a big deal as we choose to be a church that “makes a difference.”  So we are active throughout the year in a whole host of ways to bring the compassion of Christ to bear upon our community.  We have an active, involved congregation, not only as the church itself, but also as our membership provides vision, leadership and energy to Great Falls.

Our facility is lovely.  We intend it to be hospitable.  New carpet and flooring were installed throughout the facility in 2013.  We renovated our organ in 2011 and remodeled our parlor in 2013.  We have installed new sidewalks and railing for safer entrance.  Our facility is 100% handicap accessible, including an elevator which serves all four levels.  In 1993, completing a 20,000 square feet addition, we received the denomination’s accessibility award, given to one church (out of 6000) each year.  Because our sanctuary is accessible, comfortable (chairs, not pews), in the half-round, and acoustically alive, we host the Great Falls Symphony’s Cascade Quartet and Chinook Winds Quintet chamber music series along with other concerts and recitals.  We sponsor scouting and offer space to other outside groups.  This is God’s place and we like to share it and care for it respectfully.

  • A place for persons of all ages to grow spiritually
  • A caring church family
  • Inspirational worship
  • The freedom to explore religious doubts and nurture Christian faith
  • An opportunity to make a difference through Christian service
  • An intergenerational community in which to share, to wonder, to pray, to enjoy, to love


“If you think getting up Sunday morning is hard, try rising from the dead.”