Our Fall Bible Study will delve into some of the Parables of Jesus and explore their meaning in Jesus’ day and their relevance in ours. The Parables of Jesus course will be held on Tuesdays from noon to 1 pm beginning September 18 and run through December 11. If there is enough interest, the class will be repeated on Thursdays at 5:30 pm, beginning September 20 through December 13. (We’ll take Thanksgiving week off.) So we can make plans and have the right amount of material, please sign up on the church bulletin board or contact the church office and indicate if you plan on attending the Tuesday or Thursday session.


My name is Cindy Stevens and I am thrilled to have been chosen for the director for your Chancel Choir! In addition to my service to FCUCC, I am the Department Chair for Fine Arts and Education at GFCMSU. At the college, I teach many of the music classes and direct the Great Falls College Community Choir. From time to time, I also direct the Great Falls College Children’s Choir. This season, I have been asked to be the Assistant Choir Director for the Great Falls Symphonic Choir. I look forward to working closely with Dennis Dell, Director of the Bell Choir; Karen Spencer, Coordinator for Shiri; and Tyler Menzel, organist/pianist/accompanist as we collaborate with Rev. Lynne Spencer-Smith to create and support the multi-faceted ministry of the church.  I invite YOU to come and sing with us!


The Space Between

“The Israelites went into the sea on dry ground, the waters forming a wall for them on their right and on their left.” (Exodus 4:22 NRSV)

This was the theme for one of the days at Sr. High Camp at Camp Mimanagish this year. It was a day that we explored the space in between the things that challenge us—things like pressure from friends, expectations of parents, demands of work, school and athletics. It was a day to consider the ways that God abides in the spaces in between the hard things in life.

I’ve come to learn that spaces in between things are okay and even good. It’s good to sit in the space of time in the morning after awakening and moving into the demands of the day. It’s good to sit in the space at the end of the day before returning to bed and consider the blessings of the day and giving thanks for them. It’s good to spend time with someone in silence in between threads of conversation. It’s good to pause after reading a chapter of a book before starting another one and let the story seep into the space between chapters and allow the characters become part of memory. It’s good to sit between the spaces of what someone says before you respond, especially if you disagree. The space between allows room for God to be more fully present as we navigate our way through life, relationships, responsibilities and even faith.

In a world clamoring to fill every moment of every day with something, let us remember that the space in between lets us pass through life’s challenges and demands and see the way ahead a bit more clearly. The space between let’s us discern more fully the way God may be leading us into the promised land.

May the remaining summer days give you some time to sit in the space between and know God’s presence there. – Lynne